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3rd Series - Tough Choices: Facing Florida’s Governments
LCI’s continuing research series, Tough Choices: Facing Florida’s Governments is focused on state and local government relationships.

3rd Series – PowerPoint Presentations:

2nd Series – Tough Choices: Facing Florida’s Revenue Shortfall (2008, 2009)

– A Message from Sherry Magill, President, Jessie Ball duPont Fund
In 2004, the trustees of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund supported Florida State University's partnership with the LeRoy Collins Institute to study Florida's future needs and how to finance those needs. The result was a booklength study titled "Tough Choices," with voluminous data and analysis, together with a shorter executive summary of the findings.

In our judgment, the report provided a basis for thoughtful Floridians to understand the state's future challenges, and proved prescient in predicting the current state fiscal crisis.

In 2007, the Fund's trustees provided support to allow Carol Weissert and David Denslow to update "Tough Choices," the results of which are included in these publications.

We recommend these updates for your consideration, believing that "Tough Choices" delineates important future challenges facing our state and recommends strategies we should consider in planning our collective future.

1st Series - Tough Choices: Shaping Florida’s Future (2005)

Florida Local Financial Data 1973-2010

Florida Trends and Issues
We have assembled data used in the Tough Choices reports — as well as data on related topics — and have presented it here in one convenient location.

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Papers Presented at 2010 Symposium

Collins Institute/DeVoe Moore Center February 2010 Symposium - States as Facilitators or Obstructionists