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James L. Ley

Jim Ley has almost 40 years of experience in county government, most recently serving as the Sarasota County Administrator. His earlier years were spent in growth management and planning, transitioning to administration in the late 1980s. Jim is a passionate advocate of the principles of democracy – civil community dialogue, citizen stewardship, sustainable community building and public accountability.

Jim’s advocacy for innovative solutions to problems earned him a seat on The Alliance for Innovation Board of Directors, a national group of government leaders devoted to transforming the cultures of local governments through high-quality thinking and creativity, maximizing technology and networking with non-profits, schools, professional associations and the business community.

Mr. Ley is also a member of the International City/County Management Association, is a past chairman of the Urban Consortium Steering Committee of Public Technology, Inc., and is a past president of the National Association of County Administrators. He currently serves as the COO for a small insurance related business and is President of Integrity One, a managed service provider providing software and support services for small offices.

Jim is a Board member for Florida PACE, one of four statewide organizations that offer a cutting edge vehicle to finance energy efficiency and hurricane hardening for homes and businesses. He has also recently been appointed to sit on the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

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