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Through stimulating coursework and opportunities for educational enhancement beyond the classroom, our students are engaged, inspired, and transformed into tomorrow’s leaders and brightest thinkers—dynamic people well prepared to offer innovative solutions to the pressing issues we face in today’s world. Our students and faculty work together to advance and deepen our knowledge about social systems—how people interact, govern themselves, and shape their surroundings.

The interdisciplinary approach at the basis of our academic programs gives our students a solid background in drawing from multiple perspectives, a key trait of successful leaders. We have also instituted a number of opportunities for educational advancement and professional development beyond the classroom through our Get More Than a Degree initiative. These programs and activities encourage students to engage actively with the world while still at the university, broadening their understanding and focusing their commitment to become agents of positive change.

Follow the college blog, "Wicked Problems, Wicked Solutions," for posts on how our faculty and students are doing important work and research on today's most pressing issues and challenges.

You can listen to audio of most Policy Pub sessions and see Power Points from those sessions on our Policy Pub page, and watch videos of our lecture series on our Lectures page. These files are embedded in the individual pages for each talk and presentation.

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